5 Reasons to Write for Wild Bum’s Blog

Wild Bum is more than just a website that’s helping people search less and wander more. We are a beautiful community of people who love to have adventures. Whether you’re an avid travel planner, someone who wants to get out there more, or someone who simply wants to keep the wild alive in their everyday lives, we have a place for you here. We want you to come write for us!

One of the best things about this community is that we are always open to new faces and new collaborations! We love meeting new people and adding fresh content to our platforms. One of the easiest and best ways for our members to contribute is through our blog. We post regular content on our blog covering a wide variety of topics.

There are so many reasons why you should join us and contribute to our blog (although we might be a liiiiiiittle biased here). If you’re still on the fence about it, let us convince you with the five reasons below. Trust us, you won’t regret getting involved and writing something amazing for others to enjoy, and there are bound to be benefits that you never even saw coming.


5 Reasons to Write for Us

1. Gain exposure and get your content in front of a large audience.

Looking to get a few more eyes on your social media or personal blog or website? Perhaps you run a business and you’d like to promote it in new and exciting ways. Let us help with that! When you contribute to our blog you will be getting your name and content in front of lots of new peeps. We have an audience that stretches far and wide and we want to share them with you! Because here at Wild Bum we believe that we all win when we support one another. 

2. Become part of a community and make connections.

Have we sold you on the community aspect yet? Sorry not sorry! Community is at the heart of everything we do and we want to scream it to the rooftops. So just one more time for the people in the back…we are all about collaboration and community! We are just one big happy travel family, from the beginners who need a push to the experienced world travelers. We are ready to welcome you to this group of awesome people and to get to know YOU.

3. Give yourself a creative outlet.

Writing and sharing your experiences can be a great way to have a creative outlet. It can also be a wonderful way to reflect on past travels. If you don’t already have a platform to share your travel stories and knowledge, this could be the perfect fit for you. Save yourself the time and energy of starting something on your own. We have everything set up and ready for you to share your stuff. Starting NOW! 

4. Share your knowledge, stories, and travel experiences with our community.

When you have a great travel experience, it’s only natural to want to share that experience and the knowledge you have gained from it with others, so that they too can have a great experience! That is what Wild Bum is all about! How rewarding would it be to know that you helped someone have a unique travel experience?

5. Set yourself up for future opportunities.

Wild Bum is constantly growing and expanding. We are always open to growth and change. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring–and we love that! Here at Wild Bum we are always on the hunt for new opportunities. If you are part of our community, that means that those new opportunities could come your way as well. We want to help you as much as we can. When we have exciting things coming our way, our existing contributors are the first place we will look to extend those opportunities to.


3 Ways to Write For Us

1. Become a Guide Architect.

One of the easiest ways to write for our blog is to become a Guide Architect for us. This would entail creating a guide to a place you have lots of knowledge about. Once you’ve written a guide, it’s super easy to create a blog post to promote that guide.

Become an Architect! Start here.

2. Contact us to get an assignment.

Guide Architect or not, we always have topics in mind that we want to share with our community. If you find yourself wanting to contribute but you’re at a loss for what to write about, no worries! We got you. Reach out to us and we will help you come up with a great topic.

3. Contact us to pitch an idea.

On the other hand, maybe you are bursting with so many ideas that you don’t know what to do with them all. We are always open to new ideas that would fit with our mission and relate to our audience. If you have something you’d like to share, we want to hear it!

To get in touch and get started contributing to our blog reach out to our blog manager, Sam. She can be reached via email at samt@wildbum.com.

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