Revenge Travel: Plan Now for After the Pandemic

Travel came to a screeching halt in March when the coronavirus pandemic forced cities, states, and entire countries to institute stay-at-home orders. Planes stopped flying. Hotels shut their doors. Even outdoor spaces, such as beaches and parks, were closed to visitors. We went from being able to explore the far reaches of the planet on a whim to being confined to the four walls of our homes.

Spring break trips to the beach were scratched. Summer vacations exploring Europe were cancelled. To salvage a summer holiday, the lucky few planned a staycation – a quick getaway within a short drive from home, where you were safely nestled in your own car and sterile hotel room.

But, it’s just not the same!

Travel lovers everywhere are ready to seek their revenge against being cooped up by COVID-19.

Introducing Revenge Travel

Did you know there is actually a word for this restlessness we are feeling and the desire to catch up on our missed opportunities? Industry insiders have coined the term “Revenge Travel” to describe the trend of people now putting their pent-up energy and efforts into planning future trips.

It’s already being seen in parts of the world that have managed to control the COVID-19 outbreak. Many experts expect travel to bounce back once the pandemic is over – or a vaccine has been developed.

Travel Is An Investment

Not only are travelers itching to get away, they are willing to spend more money than ever before to ensure their trip is one to remember whether that be splurging for an ocean view room—or better yet, a suite—or stretching out on the airplane with the added legroom and upgraded snacks of a business-class seat.

Travelers are increasingly open to investing in the services of experienced travel planners. While the internet makes it easy for folks to book their own flights and accommodations, planning a fool-proof  itinerary is no easy feat – especially if you are going somewhere you have never been before.

Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent resources available from the popular Lonely Planet and Fodor’s travel guidebooks to the numerous online travel blogs and websites. One of my favorites is Wild Bum. It offers comprehensive, curated travel guides created by “Guide Architects” who are regular, everyday people with a passion for travel willing to share their personal experiences and expertise. Wild Bum has a growing list of destinations around the world. Each travel guide is unique, but all include recommendations on everything from what to do and where to stay to what to eat and, often times, what to pack. How perfect is that?

The Sky’s the Limit

If there is one thing we all have learned from the pandemic, it’s that life is short. People are anxious to get back out there, into the world, and start crossing things off their bucket lists. Will 2021 be the year you take an African safari in hopes of spotting the big five game animals or maybe you would prefer a road trip through the Mighty Five, Utah’s five national parks. Will you put all those virtual workouts to good use and climb the famed Spanish Steps in Rome or maybe you’re ready to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro? Even if you do nothing extraordinary at all, you will appreciate the opportunity to go somewhere after months of being stuck at home.

Unlike the coronavirus right now, cabin fever is curable. Take a break from binge watching Netflix or reorganizing your cabinets and start planning for that day in the hopefully not so distant future when we can once again travel the world.

Who’s ready to join me for some revenge travel?

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Stacey Bomser

Stacey Bomser