Why It’s Important to Travel

The reasons to travel are endless, which is why the desire to travel the world has been present for as long as we’ve been on this earth! Yes, some of this travel may have been out of necessity… but all throughout history humans have always been curious to see what lies over the horizon.

Today, travel is even more sought after with travel bloggers and celebs constantly showing off their luxurious vacations and awe-inspiring views. What you may not know is that besides the obvious perks of seeing beautiful destinations and getting some sweet pics for Instagram, there are many other not-so-obvious benefits that you can only gain while traveling.

While the reasons to travel are truly endless, these are our top picks!

Why It’s Important to Travel


To find yourself

If you’re open to it, you’ll learn things about yourself that you may never have been able to learn at home. Travel takes you outside of your comfort zone (literally), forcing you to try new things, realize your strengths, do some soul-searching, and even start a new chapter in your life. Personally, many of my travels were prompted by a difficult event in my life, and not once have I regretted it. Being on the road has always helped me clear my head, find inspiration and make peace with my struggles. Travel is my therapy; there’s something about being somewhere new that seems to help sort out unpleasant feelings and soothe the soul.

To put things into perspective

On your trip, you’ll meet people from all walks of life, many of which may not have had the same upbringing as you. Certain comforts that we take for granted on a regular basis like never feeling hungry or having an education, are not available for much of the world. Even so, you may even find that many of these “less fortunate” people actually seem happier with the little that they have than many us are with everything that we have. This realization leaves you with a new appreciation for the opportunities you’ve been given, shows you what is really important in life, and may inspire you to share the wealth in whatever way you can.


To find new friends

Travel is a great way to meet like-minded people from across the globe, they may even become some of your closest friends! Sharing your travels with new friends is such a great experience; Even though individual experiences may not be the same, there’s comfort and solidarity in knowing that everyone is far from home. As they say, each person’s mind is a universe, and each new connection gives you a little piece of their world with stories and unique perspectives. Don’t be put off by the thought that these people aren’t close to home; the best part of meeting people during your travels is that you have a friend in a new place and a stop to add to your bucket list.

Pro Tip: Hostels are an easy way to make new friends! They’re awesome, I actually prefer them over hotels because they’re affordable, encourage travelers to socialize, and typically provide a unique and chill atmosphere.

Benefits of Travel


To experience other cultures

It’s amazing how one world can have such distinct customs! Even when living in a diverse city, this is just a glimpse into the many cultures, faiths, and foods(!) that this world has to offer. Be tempted by the delicious and authentic food if nothing else! Although our cultures may vary greatly, immersing yourself and experiencing them firsthand may actually make you appreciate how we are alike. In every culture and faith, we celebrate life and this brings us together. From the way we celebrate to the way we eat, there’s something new and exciting to discover everywhere we go.


To make your dreams a reality

How accomplished would you feel after taking that trip you’ve been thinking about for years, learning a new language in its country of origin, or just being able to say that you’ve seen your favorite landmark in person? Many, if not all of us, the dream of visiting exotic places and having incredible adventures. But only some of us know that it’s not an impossible dream, you just need to take action. It can be scary to venture into unknown territory, especially if you’ve never traveled abroad or alone, but I know from experience that no feeling compares to doing something that you were afraid to do! It gives you a story that you will be proud to tell and will give you the inspiration and confidence to follow all of your dreams.

There you have it! Still not convinced? Let us find the perfect place for you. What we see on social media is nothing compared to physically being there. The energy and atmosphere of a place is something that can only be experienced in person, and what an experience it is! Stop waiting for the perfect time to travel and start planning today!

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Happy #wildbumming!

April Reyes

April Reyes