Five Top Travel Tips from Wild Bum Guide Architects

Travel Tip No. 1

Top Travel Tips

Guide Architect Sam Whillock (@jackpineandthyme): Pack less and see more! It’s plain and simple. When I was on an annual trip to Mexico City, we decided to go to Oaxaca for a few days and I had traveled with a HUGE suitcase for a week-long trip as well as my camera gear. Landing in Oaxaca, cabbing to centro, and then walking the cobblestone streets with a massive suitcase in midday heat was exhausting and delayed finding a mezcaleria, and when in Oaxaca that’s no bueno. Packing less helps you be able to be more flexible and experience more. You are able to say yes to things that large luggage may keep you from experiencing.

Travel Tip No. 2

Best Travel Tips for 2020

Guide Architect Luzanne Fletcher (@luzanne_f): My number one tip is to talk to a taxi/Uber/Grab driver. No one knows a city quite like them! They will know when the touristy spots are empty or less crowded, where the best food markets and restaurants are and they usually know a lot of history about the city. I always have a full-on Q&A with the first driver I get and I have never been disappointed!

Travel Tip No. 3

Quarantine Travel Tip

Guide Architect Jessie Mahoney (@jessie_mahoney): Quarantine Tip – Hulu has over 200+ seasons of House Hunters & House Hunters International. Learn about a little bit of culture and visit new places from the comfort of your own home. Find the next place you want to travel to! Then search your next travel location on, chances are one of our amazing Guide Architects has written a guide for your next stop.

Travel Tip No. 4

How to Use Instagram for Travel Planning

Guide Architect Nicole Claesen (@suitcaseandamap): Whenever we decide where our next vacation spot will be I start to search on Instagram. Most cities have a dedicated Instagram page and I also start to search our food/restaurants as well. A lot of cities have Best Food New Orleans, Austin, Chicago, etc. You can discover a ton of locally owned places and some of our favorite restaurants have come from following these accounts. Additionally, by following and watching certain “tourist places” on Instagram, you find they offer discount codes and/or you’ll know about events/parades/festivals that may be happening during your visit.

Travel Tip No. 5

Five Top Travel Tips from Wild Bum Guide Architects

Our Wild Bum Community (@wild_bum): Research the culture and customs of your destination (or learn about it from your Wild Bum Travel Guide). An incredible part of travel is learning and being a part of a different culture than where you live. Whether it is a different state within your home country or on the other side of the globe, we are guests in these amazing places and it is important to know if there are any customs or manners that you should be aware of. whether that is how to be a guest in someone’s home, dining and food traditions, or clothing/garment customs. A reminder to us all; not only are we a citizen of our home state and country, but we are a global citizen. Let’s do our part.

Watch out for our next round of insightful travel tips from our awesome team.

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