A little piece of RV life

When I think about our “first home” I get re-excited thinking about how it’s been our home all over the North American continent for the past 2 years. From the top to bottom renovations in the dead of winter, to our first road trip to Arches National Park, being stationary in a waterfront spot in Tampa, quitting our jobs and embarking on the most epic road trip from Florida to Alaska and becoming stationary again in San Diego – this home on wheels has been our constant through our ever-changing lifestyles.

RV Lifestyle

Sometimes it’s a secluded spot on the beach, and other times it’s trying to sleep with no AC sardined between two very loud semi-trucks at a gas station. It’s building your curriculum through Youtube University to fix your next problem. Explaining to your co-workers that yes, you live in an RV, on purpose, no it’s not in a trailer park like you’re thinking, and yes we have a full bathroom and kitchen too! Dropping $20 in quarters for laundry that sometimes doesn’t get as dry as you’d like. Stressing the heck out on an 11% decline mountain road. Scrubbing the crap out of all your dishes 3x a day. Yelling at your partner about how annoying he/she is, going into the “other room” 10ft away, and then laughing with each other 5 minutes later about it all. 

Full Time Travel in a RV

But it’s also that sense of freedom of the open road. All the small towns, random photo ops, quirky people you meet at the gas station, recommendations from locals, hidden gems you find along the way. Feeling connected and disconnected with the world all at the same time. The itch to do more, and see more however and whenever you can. Expectations versus reality, and creating your own in between. That sense of comfort knowing that wherever you go, even if your back yard is changing, an opportunity is elsewhere, or spontaneity is pulling you across the country, your home can go with you.

RV Travel Blog

Honestly super grateful to have seen all sides of RV life whether it be full-time travel, boondocking, hookups, or stationary. And the community of other travelers, vanlifers, and RVers is truly an incredible club I am proud to be a part of. I’ll scream it from the rooftops forever, but I wish everyone could experience at least a little piece of this once in their life!

-Brittney + Devon from @youmeandriggy

Brittney Maddox

Brittney Maddox