How to Spend a Night in Nashville

Hot Fried Chicken | Adorable Boutique Hotel | Pretty Parks – I’ve got your go-to guide for driving through and spending one night in Nashville. Back in March, when my family and I realized we wouldn’t be going on our exciting family adventure to Panama, we decided to hop in the car and make the drive from Minneapolis to sunny Florida. My parents live in Naples, Florida and we knew it would be the perfect place to quarantine during this crazy time. We made the 25+ hour trek and stopped in Nashville on both the way down and the way back. I am going to take your through it in case your journey brings you to a night in Nashville.

Where to Stay

First things first – we stayed in the most adorable and clean boutique hotel. The Russell was once a church, now converted to a 23 room hotel – it’s gorgeous. Better yet, considering we were staying during the height of Covid-19, we were super cautious about where we stayed. Not only was the manager we spoke with over the phone super kind and helpful, but we also loved how easy the process was. There is no check-in, you simply receive a code for the main door to get in and a separate code for your room. And, the room was perfect. Well designed and as I said, super clean. Better yet, we love their mission. Every stay helps someone experiencing homelessness in Nashville with their Room for Rooms Program. Highly recommend and it’s no surprise that they have perfect reviews.

Where to Stay in Nashville

Where to Eat

When you are spending one night in Nashville there are only two iconic foods to consider: Hot Fried Chicken or BBQ. We enjoyed Nashville’s infamous Hot Fried Chicken from Hattie B’s. SO GOOD! Considering our visit was during coronavirus (assuming someone might read this after we’ve gained some normalcy??!!) we ordered for curbside pick-up and be prepared! It was super busy. I definitely recommend ordering in advance or getting there early.

Where to Eat in Nashville

We also grabbed breakfast from Biscuit Love.  I had recently seen them on a Food Network show and wanted to give it a try. I think it would have been amazing to eat in the restaurants – some food just isn’t as good when you eat it in the car! But, it was still delicious.

Turnip Truck was a great little grocery store near The Russell to stop and pick up a bottle of wine or any other snacks you might need.

Other restaurants we considered:
BokBox (weird hours)
Riddim N Spice
Cafe Roze
Frothy Monkey
Big Bad Breakfast
Butcher & Bee
Martin’s BBQ

Also – worth noting, we did stop in Chattanooga for a coffee at Mean Mug.

What To Do in Nashville When Driving Through

Hikes + Nature

If you have time and need to stretch your legs you can do a few short hikes at Radnor Lake. The Garnier Ridge Trail is 1.5 miles and South Cove Trail 1.2 miles. You can also go to Warner Woods Trail which is 2.5 miles.

We tried to go to Greeter Falls – in-between Nashville & Chattanooga, but there was a long line of cars waiting to get a parking spot – basically one in, one out.

In Nashville, we did picnic at Centennial Lake with our Hattie B’s.

Of course, this is just a slice of what you can do in Nashville and for a full Travel Guide pick up Olivia’s Wild Bum Nashville Guide here. I can’t wait to get back in non-Covid times and experience all Nashville has to offer. But, this was the perfect taste to soothe my itchy feet…

Happy #wildbumming, friends!

Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel