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Travel Guide Site Wild Bum Seeks Travelers to Support Hard-Hit Tourism Industry and Each Other


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (April 13, 2020) – Of the many industries impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism is undoubtedly one that has been hit the hardest. Wild Bum — the travel site that offers curated digital travel guides, crafted and sold by seasoned travelers — is announcing an open call for writers, tourism professionals and all those who love travel and travel research to become a Wild Bum Guide Architect

“Our heart aches for the tourism industry. Although it is difficult to support the places, hotels, restaurants, and attractions we love while we are staying home, one thing we can do now is to make travel planning as easy as possible, so we can travel again as soon as we are able,” said Founder Mollie Krengel. “If someone loved their last vacation or staycation and wants to make sure others have a similar experience, and keep those places in business, we encourage them to create a travel guide.” 

Why Wild Bum:

Support tourism — Guides can be created for domestic or international destinations. While guides can be for anywhere in the world, Wild Bum encourages Guide Architects to first focus on their hometown, favorite weekend getaway, domestic drives and summer/fall favorites. Guide Architects create Wild Bum Guides based on their real travels.

Keep busy while at home — A Wild Bum guide takes time to put together.  If someone loves travel and travel research, now is a great time to put that passion to good use. The guides are comprehensive and save the purchaser hours of time, so they can spend less time researching and more time enjoying the travel experience.  

Earn passive income — Wild Bum has changed its profit structure to help Guide Architects earn more. When a guide is purchased the Guide Architect retains 75 percent (up from 50 percent). Guide Architects set their own guide prices, ranging from $25 to $150 USD.  Wild Bum is an ideal side hustle for travelers.

Support each other — When people purchase a Wild Bum Travel Guide they’re providing financial support to a regular person who’s passionate about travel and supporting tourism.

Currently, there are more than 300 Guide Architects contributing to the site. In addition to searching by destination and trip type, users can explore a Guide Architect’s profile, as well as their Instagram page to learn more about who’s behind the travel tips before purchasing a guide. 

“While some people enjoy researching and planning for their vacations, others find the process overwhelming or just don’t have the time. And as a result, they aren’t traveling as much as they would like,” said Krengel. “Now, more than ever, we want to encourage people to travel once they are able to. We don’t believe travel is a luxury; it is critical to our well-being.”


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About Wild Bum  

Founded by travel devotee and community advocate Mollie Krengel, Wild Bum is an online global marketplace that offers comprehensive, curated travel guides. Designed by Guide Architects—real travelers who are passionate about sharing their insider travel knowledge—Wild Bum Guides provide a blueprint for travelers around the world to plan their next adventure.  Ready to search less and wander more? Visit and follow #wildbumming. 



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