Something to look forward to; your next adventure!

Although the universe has thrown a lot of unknowns at us, it is our responsibility to worry about the things that we can control. One thing, in particular, could be taking this extra time to manifest your next adventure! With all of this time, you will be able to truly assess where you want to travel, what you will gain from that experience, and most importantly, you have time to plan your dream vacation! This will give you something to look forward to when all of this craziness is over! And, we know planning for vacations makes us happier. Who doesn’t need more of that right now? 


Take this quiz, Personality Travel Quiz and see where your personality will lead you! This should help you think about your travel options and what to consider before deciding a place!

Looking Forward to your Future Adventures

Mood Board Your Next Adventure

Another form of inspiration is a mood board. Creating a mood board will allow you to put all of your ideas, dreams, and manifestations on paper. This will not only be an exciting way to visualize your future adventures. This will also remind you every day to hold on to your dream of traveling. Connect with us on Pinterest while you’re at it 😉 

What will you gain from traveling to this particular location?

This prompt will help you dig deeper and travel somewhere that will be beneficial towards your future personal and professional development. 

Planning time!

Take advantage of all of this extra time, and let the manifesting begin! Often, planning a vacation can be a time consuming, ‘chore’ for many, simply because they don’t have time to sit down and plan for countless hours. Although, you can now really dig deep into researching all of the amazing things about traveling to your dream locations. This will not only give you something fun and exciting to do, but this will also get you excited about what’s to come!

Planning Trips after Coronavirus

Take advantage of Wild Bum!!!!

Whether you have vacations that you’ve previously gone on and you’re dying to share with everyone, you are planning a vacation that you are stoked to tell people about after you’re back, or you need help planning a vacation and need some inspiration. Whatever it may be, Wild Bum is the place for you! Become a Wild Bum Guide Architect and share your experiences or utilize the genuine and unique advice from other Guide Architects in order to plan the vacation of your dreams! 


Happy #wildbumming!


Julia Bauer

Julia Bauer