6 Ways to Keep Those Travel Dreams Alive During Quarantine

We all may be cooped up in our homes during these strange times, but that shouldn’t keep us from fueling that travel fire (while still keeping that social distance)! There are plenty of things you can do to keep you busy at home – yes, do the workouts, drink the water, call the friends, read the book, find your peace in the calm (or chaos). But what about all those travel desires? If your inner Wild Bum is itching to come out, take one (or all) of these activities for a spin! 


Plan Your Next Trip

What better time than to start making those plans for your next destination?! Maybe plan for the end of the year, once we all make it out of this whole thing. Or maybe plan for next year, give yourself some time to map out the whole thing. Check out our many domestic and international travel guides on wildbum.com and Pinterest for inspo! This will give you something to look forward to.

Planning For Travel

Mood Boards

For you creatives: draw, cut, copy, on paper, create, digitally, whatever you like. Throw something together that brings out your travel dreams! This is something fun to keep you busy, but also nice to have a tangible mind map to look at and geek out over.

Movies to watch during quarantine

Watch Travel-Inspired Movies

Check out The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Bucketlist, Into the Wild, Blue Crush, Wild, Eat Pray Love, or your personal favorite movie or show!


Bring the Culture Inside

Make a whole day/night out of it. Pick a place you want to “visit.” Whether it be in the states in Charleston, or across the pond in Thailand. Find a recipe a local would eat – Maybe shrimp + grits for Charleston, or Pad Thai for Thailand? Whip it up yourself, or order takeout/delivery and support a local restaurant. Play some music that’ll bring that place a little more to life. Or have pictures displayed on your TV screen or a movie/show based in the place you’re going. (Dear John? Hangover Part II? The Beach?) Lastly, Invite your friends to join the “trip” via FaceTime!  #WildBumAtHome

What To Do During Quarantine

Create a new (or add to a) Bucketlist

Dig deep, pull all those crazy ideas out of your mind, and throw them on paper. It’s crazy the power actual words can have on your reality. Sometimes you’ve just got to speak (write) your dreams into existence 😉

6 Ways to Keep Those Travel Dreams Alive During Quarantine

Get Outside

You can still enjoy the outdoors and practice social distancing at the same time. Keep it on a local level – hit up your favorite, or new, hiking trail nearby, go for a walk around the neighborhood, work out in your backyard, deck out your balcony and read a new book, take photos of the nature (or cityscape) around you! Or make it super local – go camping in your backyard. Bring it all out there, the tent, the supplies, the playlist, not the phone, the snacks. No backyard? That’s cool, remember the coolest living room fort you made when you were little? Build an even better one. Have your friends do the same, and FaceTime each other in your finished products.

Do what you can with what you have. Times are hard, but we don’t need to make it any harder on ourselves. Hopefully, these ideas help stretch your creative thinking – whatever you choose to do, make it fun. Where will you be #wildbumming?


Brittney Maddox

Brittney Maddox