Before, During, and After Studying Abroad

Students all around the world are blessed with the opportunity to study abroad throughout their educational careers. This offers individuals a wide range of new experiences while immersing themselves in a completely new culture. The benefits of studying abroad are endless! In order to truly benefit from studying abroad, here are a few tips to consider; before, during, and after your travel experience. 

Before During and After Studying Abroad




Put an effort towards learning about your new country before you arrive. This will show your interest when meeting locals and allow you to learn even more into detail about the culture. This goes along with making an attempt to learn the language. A little effort can go a long way.


Set goals for yourself- Aside from the freedom you’ll have while studying abroad- which will be insanely fun and crazy- remember to take advantage of learning a new skill that will benefit your future career. This could include learning a new language, studying a new major, or working towards your dream degree. 


Travel with an open mind! There is a reason that you are immersing yourself into a new culture- because it is completely different than your own! Do not travel into a new culture with predetermined stereotypes! Clear your mind and allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.

Tips for Studying Abroad



Remember! Studying abroad is about you! If you truly immerse yourself into this experience, you’ll be allowed to learn a lot more about yourself. You will be placed outside of your comfort zone and become more independent. As much as you may miss your loved ones at home, you cannot let that hold you back. If anything, this distance will allow you to appreciate the support system that you have in your life.


Say yes to everything! Traveling across the world can be incredibly exhausting. You need to constantly remind yourself to say yes to every adventure! Never turn down a chance to explore, you will not regret your decision. Remember, you can sleep when you are home. It’s not every day that you get the chance to experience a completely new country. 


Spend your weekends traveling! This will offer you an opportunity to immerse yourself into different cultures and experience so much more. Covering costs of traveling ahead of time will be more inexpensive than planning last-minute trips. Although- allow yourself to experience new places independently. Don’t spend all your time finding the best spots to visit, because everything will be a new experience! Sometimes getting lost can be the best thing to happen.


Document every little or big experience while traveling abroad! This experience will fly by and you never know the next chance you will have to study abroad and travel as many places as you will now.

Personal Benefits of Studying Abroad


Utilize this global experience towards your future career! Studying abroad is highly impressive in many career paths. This global experience allows you to grow your network of connections and expand your cultural knowledge! With that- utilize this experience by applying it to your future career. Learn how to talk about what you learned and experienced while abroad.

Happy studying + #wildbumming!

Julia Bauer

Julia Bauer