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Wild Bum in the News! We are so grateful for this fun feature in one of our fave brands, Mott50.

Expert tips from travel industry insider, Mollie Krengel of Wild Bum: what to pack, where to go and how to stay sane.

Why is it important to make travel a priority in your life?

For my family and me, travel is THE way to living a more fulfilling life. My husband and I both have science backgrounds so, while travel is incredible for many reasons, ours are rooted in the impact it has on our health and well-being. Travel has the power to enhance our creativity and productivity, make us healthier and happier, deepen relationships, boost our immune system and shape our brains. Prioritizing travel as a couple, especially post-kids, has kept our relationship strong.

What are your top travel planning tips so that you can relax and have fun when you get to your destination?

I do not plan out every second of our travels but I go with a blueprint – vetted information that saves valuable time so I can make the most of every precious second when I’m in a new destination. Leave room for the spontaneous and let go of the need to control every second. There are always things that don’t go as planned – that is all a part of the adventure! Oftentimes those situations make the best stories.

What’s your favorite Mott50 item?

Wild Bum Press

I’m really loving the Olivia for travel – perfect for layering on the plane, throwing over a swimsuit before heading to dinner or just everyday hanging out! And the Bella for swimming and surfing – I’m completely obsessed with the ruffles!

You travel a lot with your kids – what do you do to make that as simple and stress-free as possible?

We LOVE traveling with our kids, but we never go into it expecting them not to complain. They will whine whether we are at home or in a really cool place, but I know we are creating memories that will last a lifetime! Get creative – listen to podcasts and books on audio for a road trip. Play hangman and charades at dinner. Most importantly – focus on the memories you are creating together! Traveling with my kids means we are exposing them to new experiences, cultures and skills. We are shaping them into the adults we hope them to be – so you have to keep the big picture in mind and the stress lightens a bit.

What do you do to stay healthy when you travel?

Studies actually show that people who travel are much more active than non-travelers. I am never more energized than when I am in a different environment. I walk, bike, hike – there is so much more of a city discovered when you’re on foot or bike vs. a car. Plus, I have to balance out all of that eating because I equally love to explore all of the amazing food! 😉I also think it’s important to consider it healthy to give our bodies a break from our normal routine when we’re home; give ourselves some time away from a strenuous workout regime, try new things, move your body in different ways. And, of course – when you are relaxed and having fun, you are reducing stress – improving our health in other ways.

What is your favorite sunny vacation spot?

Residing in Minnesota, I live for sunny spots and can’t get enough of warmer climates. Northern California holds a special place in my heart, especially Healdsburg. Quaint, charming, incredible food and wine – not to mention hiking, kayaking, biking and more. There is so much adventure. I will never forget the crystal clear turquoise waters in Turks & Caicos; absolutely incredible. Verana is a little slice of heaven in Yelepa, Mexico. Perfect for a romantic retreat and the aesthetic is so dreamy. This past summer we traveled to sunny Kenya with our kids. It was a magical, life-changing experience! I would keep naming places – but, I’ll stop there. As corny as it is – it is really true that you leave a little piece of you everywhere you travel.

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Tell us about your travel company – Wild Bum.

For as many people as there are like me who geek out over travel planning research, there are just as many if not more who hate it or don’t have the time for it. This is where Wild Bum comes in! It’s a global platform that unites travel-planning nerds like me (aka Guide Architects) with those who want the savvy secrets (the blueprint) so their planning is done for them. All they need to do is select a guide, book their trip & go!

Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel