Changing Our Travel Dialogue

You might have seen my latest IGTV, on changing our travel dialogue, but in case you missed it – and it bears repeating – I had seen a commercial where an athlete and another guy were chatting while lying on a hood of a car. The athlete looks to the other guy and says “man, you really need a vacation”. The man responds with “not all of us have an off-season”.



Ok – this got me all riled up. It was what compelled me to create a video…because that is exactly the dialogue we here at Wild Bum are trying to change. The thing is – everyone deserves and earns time off. NOTE: time off /vacation does not have to be extravagant. It could be a staycation, a micro trip…you can travel thirty minutes away to feel like you’re on a vacay. Just a change of scenery is all it takes. But, of course – we are big advocates for exploring this gorgeous planet and all of its awe-inspiring sights. Back to my point…imagine the kind of boss, employee, parent, and so on you return as if you do give yourself that much needed time off.

Travel Culture in the US


So, why should we change our travel dialogue?

So, we urge you to not look at vacation as a luxury, rather as an essential part of your health & well-being. That is our motto here. We don’t advocate for vacation for its pretty pictures…we believe it has the power to change our lives and we are founded in the science that time away has been proven to improve our creativity and productivity, deepen relationships and improve our overall health. Students who travel do better academically. Travel gives us a deeper perspective and new skills. The list goes on.


So how do we change our travel culture?

It starts with courage. Courage to prioritize travel. Especially over material things. It takes courage to leave your workload and recognize that it’s ok and you’ve earned that time away. Courage to think about the kind of impact immersive travel can have on your life. It takes courage to show others how choosing experiences, over things, can change our lives and make us healthier and happier.

Wild Bum

Use Wild Bum. We exist as the missing tool that helps save people their valuable time in what is often an extremely frustrating process: travel planning! We all know how much time it can take to plan a meaningful experience. Guide Architects live for it, research it and travel it – so you don’t have to! When you purchase a travel guide, you not only support a real person who genuinely loves to experience this world and find really cool things they want to share with you, but it also means your planning is done.

And, lastly – DO IT! Make it happen. And, if you need more inspiration or help or a cheerleader, we are here to connect with you! There’s nothing we love more.

Changing our Travel Dialogue

When you come back, share your stories with others and soon, we will create a ripple effect! People will begin to recognize that adventure, play, time away with loved ones – whatever it might be – is part of the formula to living a more fulfilling life!

Happy #wildbumming!

Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel