Why You Should Visit El Salvador

So, let’s preface this by saying – I did not have the pleasure of visiting the entire country, nor even it’s capital. We flew into San Salvador and immediately hit the road for a little slice of heaven. Las Flores Resort Surf Club in El Cuco, El Salvador. I also want to point out that I held a women’s dance + service retreat there. So, I am not affiliated with the hotel, I just loved it so much, as did the entire group of women – I wanted to share the love! Let me tell you the reasons why you should visit El Salvador and why this heavenly place should be on your travel bucket list.

Why You Should Visit El Salvador


It’s a fabulous spot for ALL ages

Believe it or not – Las Flores has visitors of all ages, from young kids (and they learn how to surf!!) to the more mature. It’s a place for everyone. Their surf instructors are awesome. The gorgeous resort sits on an idyllic bay that is perfect for swimming and surfing alike. The calm and warm waters are so inviting – we spent hours in it. It’s shallow super far out and then when the waves break – that is where the real surfers go. So, it’s a fabulous spot for beginners and pros. Oftentimes, it felt like we were the only ones there. It truly is a little slice of heaven and one of the reasons why you should visit this place in El Salvador.

Las Flores Surf Resort


The staff is incredible

The kind of staff, who learns your name immediately, does everything to ensure you are having a relaxing and special stay. But, it feels more like a family – they are warm and lovely! The food is delicious. The pool is a perfect respite if you’ve had enough salt and sand. And, where ever you find yourself on their property – the incredible team is there to make sure you are happy.

El Salvador should be on your travel bucket list


The hotel itself is gorgeous…and locally owned!

Not only are the grounds stunning, but the owner and architect, Rodrigo, did a fabulous job. Rodrigo is from El Salvador – which makes it even more special to me. It’s not a chain or owned by an American. And, they support the local community. They even offer you the opportunity to visit a local school, where you can get to know the kids & teachers, bring supplies and more. The rooms are beautiful, clean – you will love it. They have fabulous rooms set up higher that are perfect for both a romantic getaway and a family adventure.

El Salvador Travel


Explore more of El Salvador…

We took an excursion inland to the river and learned about Cacoa, found ourselves in a spider monkey sanctuary. You can go kayaking or head out on the pontoon. There are many adventures to be had inland as well – waterfalls and hiking. From our experience – El Salvadorians are so warm and welcoming. As I said, we didn’t spend any time in the capital, where gang violence might be more prevalent. As anywhere you go, even in the states, you have to be aware and smart. We never felt unsafe. In fact, the State Department now says that El Salvador is as safe as Denmark.

El Salvador Travel Blog

Have I convinced you yet? I highly encourage you to consider it…it truly is a little slice of heaven. Las Flores is just one of the reasons why you should visit El Salvador. The traditional food is delightful, the music, dance, and culture are rich, and overall, it is a wonderful country to visit for its lush jungle and tropical vibes.

Would you go? Want more help chatting about El Salvador travel – reach out any time!

Happy #wildbumming!

All images captured by Kaylee LaMoine.

Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel