Why Travel Memories are Important

My husband and I have these very vivid memories from our travels – a few stories that stand out and come up time and time again. We have them with our kids too. What makes this so special, you ask!? Besides all of the science that proves travel keeps us healthy and has the power to change our lives, travel memories are reason enough to go on more adventures. Let me explain.


When we recall the funny, the crazy and the most meaningful times from our travels –

They bring us SO.MUCH.JOY. They often show up when we least expect it – for example, I was driving home this evening and suddenly I could literally feel the happiness that the hubs and I felt the day we were sitting at a sushi bar in the Tokyo airport (heading home from an incredible trip to Thailand and Cambodia) drinking sake and blindly ordering things off a Japanese menu – it was so simple, yet it was one of the best moments together. We still talk about it and reminisce about how magical it was.  (ok, you kinda had to be there. But, that’s what’s so cool and special – the way it unites and deepens relationships simply by the things you go through in new territory…together).

Why Travel Memories are So Important

That same trip – my husband was pushed into a pond, ok, by accident, fully dressed as we headed out to dinner on the eve of the Chinese New Year. I could not stop laughing and to this day it makes me laugh until I cry – replaying it in my head (sometimes my husband does not find this very funny!!).


We visited Kenya with our kids over the summer and oftentimes memories from our trip will come up –

Long after we’ve returned, we laugh until our bellies ache or it gives us an opportunity to put our lives in the U.S. into perspective. Spending time in homes of the Samburu tribe, where we sat by a fire and drank homemade tea, listening to their life stories – how they sleep in a tiny space that is the size of our closet – crammed head to feet with one another. We watched young men as they became warriors. We will never be the same.

Family Travels to Kenya


The point of all of this is to remind you why we/Wild Bum always say travel is the gift that keeps on giving –

When you buy something material, you have to admit – the excitement wears off. With travel, it truly creates lifelong memories, opportunities to bond and to feel more joy and fulfillment. What is the purpose of life without these? And, when you immerse yourself in new cultures and experiences – you are taken out of your comfort zone. I believe this only magnifies the profound impact travel and its memories have on our lives. They become enhanced, part of our DNA. There’s a sense of empowerment, connection, and a positive effect on our brain. The wiring has changed, introducing new meaning into our lives.

Wildhive Trips


I have the honor of guiding women’s dance and service adventures –

It’s incredible how deep the bonds form – after only a week together. Most not knowing one another before our travels – when we come together now, we share stories, we remember funny things that happened (what happens on a Wildhive trip, stays on a Wildhive trip!) 😉 These travel memories have forged life-long bonds and given us memories that will last a lifetime.

TAKE THE TRIP! Create life-long memories, your life will never be the same.

Happy #wildbumming.

Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel