Trips With Friends = Happy Hormones!

We all know how much more meaningful travel can be when we go with friends. Trips with friends create memories that last a lifetime. How many times have you traveled with your besties and laugh at all of the funny, memorable moments you shared? Travel is the gift that keeps on giving!

If you need more convincing, take it from Lifehack and read their 20 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Go Traveling With Your Best Friends. We want to share our best ideas for a getaway with friends because we believe that trips with friends = happy hormones!

Trips with Friends New York City

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Breckenridge with Friends = happy hormones

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Trip with Friends to Scottsdale

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Trips with Friends = Happy HormonesFind the Guide here.

We absolutely advocate for solo travel, but when you can sprinkle in adventures with a buddy you will typically save money, deepen your relationship over shared experiences, feel safe and supported and let’s face it – everything with your bestie is usually better! You’ll have someone to talk to, someone to get you to try new things and even have a built-in photographer to snap those iconic photos;-)

These are just a few of the reasons we believe trips with friends = happy hormones! Better yet – while you’re strengthening those friendships, you’ll be getting a healthy dose of “Vitamin T” – read more here.

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Josie Hopkins

Josie Hopkins