4 Reasons Why Traveling is Healthy for Kids

Did you know that kids can have wanderlust too? Here are our top 4 reasons why traveling is healthy for kids:

1. You Can Teach Them to Navigate Big Cities

If you don’t grow up in a big city, it can feel overwhelming to visit one for the first time. During your next urban vacation, take a moment to teach your kids how to use public transit or encourage them to try a food they’re not used to eating. This can also be a culturally-rich experience if you make it one!

Navigate the Big City:

Benefits of Kids Traveling

2. Bond Over Nature

When you travel to spend time outside, you have the chance to show your kids how to fall in love with & appreciate nature. These trips may also lead to active, lifelong hobbies such as skiing, hiking or surfing! Countries such as Scotland are even prescribing nature to heal – introducing this to our kids at a young age is only one of the reasons why traveling is healthy for kids.

Introduce Them to the Great Outdoors:

Reasons Why Travel is Healthy for Kids

3. Introduce Them to New Cultures

If you’ve traveled outside of your home country, you know that many people have a completely different way of doing life than you. The next time you take an international trip, use it as an opportunity to teach your kids how to navigate new cultures or learn a new language!Go International:

Why It's Important to Travel With Kids

4. Show Them the Importance of Volunteering

Have you ever considered making your vacation a volunteer trip? Volunteering is a chance to give back to a community, and doing it in a different state or country gives you a chance to introduce your kids to another culture.

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Why Kids Should Travel

We hope you enjoyed our top 4 reasons why traveling is healthy for kids. If you need more convincing reach out at hello@wildbum.com to chat. We LOVE both travels with and without kids and while we cannot see the changes that go on in their brains and bodies right away, we have no doubt it shapes well-rounded, worldly adults! There are even studies that show travel with kids makes them better in school…these studies carry into college as well. The list goes on 😉

Enjoy your family #wildbumming!

Josie Hopkins

Josie Hopkins