Our Top Destinations for Winter Travel

Craving summer during the long winter months? Here are our top destinations for winter travel. If you’re up for an adventure, on these three continents you can escape the snow and get those summer vibes:New Zealand Travel

New Zealand Summers

Wild Bum Guide Architect Erin Tsukamoto has visited New Zealand four times and with each visit, she discovers more! Making New Zealand one of our top destinations for winter travel. If you are wanting to hike through the scenic mountains, then end the day with a local wine tasting…or kayak amongst local wildlife and end with a lakeside dinner. Road trip through gorgeous, scenic countryside. She says you can explore all of this and more of the remote beauty of New Zealand.

Erin’s Wild Bum Travel Guide to New Zealand is great for at least a one week stay and will appeal to foodies, wine lovers, road trippers, and those looking to appreciate the nature of New Zealand. There’s really no other place like it.


Food, wine, and hiking in the South Island of New Zealand Guide

Perth Travel

Summer Days in Australia

Visit one of the most relaxed capital cities in Australia and watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean, see wild sea animals like penguins, sea lions and dolphins in their natural habitat, meet the happiest animal in the world, the Quokka, which is only found in Western Australia, dine out at some of the best restaurants and enjoy tasting your way through craft beer and wines. Perth is one of our top destinations for winter travel.

Perth is where nature and city combine effortlessly to create an amazing holiday for all. There is so much to see and do here for the family it would be hard to see it all, pick and choose your own adventure from my guide there is enough for weekends away right up to a 2 week holiday break. This is one place that caters for families for an unforgettable holiday!

Ultimate Family Guide to Perth City

Southwest Road Trip from Perth to Esperance with Kids

*We also currently have these travel guides for Grampians National Park, Kakadu National Park, Karijini National Park, Byron Bay and Adelaide.

Asia Travel

Exploring Asia

The winter months in the states is a great time to visit Asia. Whether it’s the beaches in Thailand or eating street food, pretty much anywhere, countries in Asia are top of our list for winter travel.

According to Wild Bum Guide Architect Meghan Hayes, Taipei is a unique city where east meets west. Decidedly Asian, but with a western twist. It’s a foodie paradise and home to artisan style shaved ice, xiao long bao, boba tea, peanut ice cream sandwiches, and beef noodle soup. There is no shortage of things to do in this city whether or not you have a day long layover or you choose to enjoy a week on this amazing subtropical island. Any English speaker will feel right at home with signs in both English and traditional Mandarin characters. It’s the perfect place to dip your toe into the East without feeling completely out of your element and leaves you planning your next trip back. Finishing your must-dos, you’ll leave with an even longer to-do list for your next trip. This comprehensive guide is perfect for anyone who is spending a day (or more) in Taipei or wishes to venture beyond the city.


Taipei Guide

If Thailand is more your cup of tea, consider Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Wild Bum Guide Architect Brittney Maddox says Bangkok is one of the most traveled to cities in the world, so you might as well cross it off your bucket list now 😉 The city that never sleeps, with the night sky, lit up by hundreds of buildings and colorful market lights, heavy traffic, and tuk-tuks zipping through, millions of people, and more places to drink, dance, eat, and see – WOW is there a ton to do in Bangkok.


Bangkok Guides

Exploring Chiang Mai


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Kintoki Peak, Japan

We LOVE talking all things travel, so please reach out if you have questions about these destinations or any others. Also, if this is your first time traveling abroad, consider reading Wild Bum Guide Architect Marissa’s blog First Time International Traveler Questions Answered! And, of course, don’t miss our Top Travel Advice.

Happy & warm #wildbumming!


Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel