If you feel like you don’t have money to travel, read this!

Listen up! Many people feel like they don’t have money to travel. We truly believe that travel is a choice, a priority. I am going to share a few ways you can start to take baby steps to bring travel into your life.

Having Courage to Travel


It starts with a little courage

First and foremost, you gotta have some courage. We know to new travelers it can be a bit scary. You might feel worried about leaving work, spending money or going somewhere new – the list goes on. As the wise people say, nothing great comes from staying in your comfort zone (read Your Comfort Zone is Killing You). This is applicable to travel. It’s actually part of its excitement and positive impact on our lives. We get out of our bubbles, our routine – shake things up! When we do this, there’s a whole lot going on that we might not even be aware of. We feel more alive. Form deeper connections. Learn how to problem solve. Gain perspective. So, first – make the decision that you’re going to go somewhere new.


If you feel like you don't have enough money to travel


If you feel like you don’t have money to travel create a trip savings jar

Every dollar adds up! (Check out Guide Architect Jessica’s blog on 6 Simple Ways to Build Your Travel Fund.) Start putting some coins and bills aside to save up for that fun adventure! Create a seperate savings account. Whatever you need to do so that when you do decide to prioritize a trip, you won’t have second thoughts about booking it. And, you know how much more creative, productive and generally happier you will be when you return home.


Tips on Saving for Travel


Be creative with the destination

Here’s the deal. You don’t have to travel far to get a vacation. If your budget allows for a quick roadtrip – great! Often times, you get in the car and immediately feel those vacay vibes. We’ve traveled 3 hours away to stay in a cute Airbnb and it can be just as rewarding as a trip across the country. Determine what is feasible for you. And, don’t underestimate how great it is for your mental health, your relationships or having quality time with your kiddos.

Perhaps you choose a location based on a flight deal. Sites like Thrify Traveler are great for finding airfare deals! If you have miles, head to that airline’s website and check on their last minute deals. Get creative! We’ve definitely picked destinations based on getting a good deal! Why not?!


How to travel more


Have some flexibility

If you can be flexible on your dates, you might get an even better deal on airfare. Choose ‘flexible dates’ when you’re searching and oftentimes you can see a drastic difference if you fly home on a Monday vs. a Sunday. Weigh out if it makes sense to pay for one extra night in your accommodations and take the cheaper flight option.


Credit Card to get points for travel


Use a credit card that racks up points, if you feel like you don’t have money to travel

We just booked a super nice hotel in Chicago with points. We saved almost $1,500! We’ve booked many of flights with miles and points. It’s how we travel so frequently! If you own your own business, use an Amex where you receive a companion ticket. These are the little things that make traveling so much easier.


What To Do if you don't have money for travel


I’ll repeat it again – traveling does not need to be extravagant nor miles and miles away from home. You can head out in the car, enjoy nature (which btw is prescribed as medicine in parts of Europe!). You can save money by renting an Airbnb. There are so many ways to travel now that anyone can do it. They just have to say yes.

Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel