10 Reasons to Travel to Portugal

Portugal is fashionable, and not by chance! Recently, in 2017 and 2018, the country was voted the best tourist destination in the world by the World Travel Awards. I was there in April 2019 and it was one of the best trips I have ever done. Here are 10 good reasons to travel there.

Portugal Travel Tips

  1. Historical capital

Dynasties, reigns, territorial disputes between Catholics and Moors, great navigations, discoveries of sea routes, conquests of territories in various parts of the world – especially in the Americas and Africa -, natural disasters, the transition from monarchy to republic and a long period of dictatorship. The rich history of Portugal comprises all of this, and much more. Most of it can be known and seen through its museums, monuments, squares, etc. This small country is great when the subject is events that influenced its own trajectory, and that of the world, for centuries.

Portugal Travel Ideas

  1. Architectural heritage

The architecture of Portugal has several influences, ranging from the period of occupation of the Moors to the most recent Art Deco. The country has also developed its own architectural design, the Manueline Style, which mixes influences from the final phase of Gothic with aspects of Portuguese maritime expansion. The Belém Tower and the Jeronimos Monastery, both in Lisbon, are examples of the prominence of this architectural style.

The result of this is a travel itinerary full of beautiful castles, palaces, cathedrals, monasteries, convents and squares, which express the history and culture of the country.

Portugal Food

  1. Gastronomy

Portugal has one of the best and most genuine gastronomies in the world. Prepare yourself to delight in the land of cod, “pastel de nata” and port wine.

Traveling to Portugal

  1. Security

According to Global Peace Index 2018, which evaluates 163 countries, Portugal is the 4th most peaceful country in the world! And few things are better than enjoying a trip in peace!

Portugal Weather

  1. Weather

Due to its geographical location, Portugal has high temperatures in summer, mild climate in the spring and autumn, and less rigorous winters than other European countries.

Where To Go in Portugal

  1. Diverse Geography

From beaches to mountains, Portugal offers beautiful landscapes for all tastes. If you like beaches, you will love spending a few days in the Algarve or Cascais region. If you enjoy mountains and valleys, you will like to explore the region of the Douro Valley or Sintra, for example. There are many options at your disposal!

Getting Around Portugal

  1. Easy to get around

Portugal is a small country, with great road and train infrastructure. If you like road trips, this is a great place to travel safely and enjoy beautiful scenery. If you prefer to go by train, there are options to get around to practically every point of the country.

Travel Tips Portugal

  1. Photogenic places

Well … by now you may have concluded that Portugal is a very photogenic place! If you like to make travel photos, prepare your camera and your look. Over there, almost everything yields beautiful images!

Portugal Travel Blog

  1. Travel budget

Portugal has one of the lowest living costs of Europe. This is reflected in the cost of travel. On average, a trip to Portugal is cheaper than destinations such as France, England or Germany.

Why to go to Portugal

  1. Receptivity

Portugal has the optimal infrastructure to accommodate tourist activity. You will find there a great variety of good hotels, restaurants, bars, companies specialized in sightseeing, and everything else you need to make an enjoyable trip. In addition, professionals are helpful and well prepared to receive tourists from different countries. It is no wonder that recently Portugal has been recognized as one of the best destinations in the world.

I have curated three incredible guides with all of my Portugal knowledge – so you don’t have to do any planning! You can find them by clicking on one of these destinations or grab all three for a perfect Portugal adventure! Porto, Coimbra + Lisbon. Happy #wildbumming!


Luzia Cavalcante

Luzia Cavalcante