How to Re-Think Fitness During Vacation

Many of us have our fitness routines at home and the thought of shaking things up with travel can be difficult for those who like their regimen! And, I get it – as a lifelong athlete I LOVE being active. It is usually not a chore for me to get a workout in. If anything, I am guilty (like many!) of not allowing my body time to rest. So, taking a break to travel is often just what the body needs.

Workout Regimen Travel

Now many studies show that people who travel live a significantly more active lifestyle on the regular than those who do not. While you might not be making it to your yoga or boot camp class during your travels – chances are you are walking everywhere, renting bicycles, perhaps going on hikes! Being active during your travels looks different than your routine at home and that is an awesome thing!

Workout During Travel

Just as your mind needs a break from everyday work and home life, it can do your body good to give it a break from those intense classes and get outside in nature in a more gentle way.

During my recent travels to Israel + Kenya I did not get in as much activity as I am use to. Although, looking back we did hike Masada, walked as much as possible and swam in the mediterranean sea + hotel pools. But, what I did notice at my workout today was how much energy I had! I wasn’t sore. I felt faster and even stronger.

Travel Is Good For Our Health


I’ve worked out at places where the trainers will comment about how you need to ‘get back in shape after travels’…I would argue that we put way too much pressure on ourselves and often overlook just how active we are during our travels. It might not look like lifting a 20-pound dumbbell, but it usually works your body in ways that you don’t get to do at home.

Hiking as a workout during travel

Lastly, one might argue that at home we have a lot of cortisol coursing through our bodies. Whether it’s over work-related, or stressing about squeezing in those gym hours – whatever it might be, when you travel, you feel like a whole new you. It’s a stress reducer. So, some might actually see a difference in fitness just by giving yourself a break, enjoying amazing food, putting in those steps and experiencing soaring levels of energy and zest for everyday life. Changing our mindset to recognize that fitness during travel looks different, and that is exactly what we need! When you return home with more creativity, improved health and feeling super productive – these are not only great for the workplace, but they help at the gym too.

Happy #wildbumming!

Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel