How to Find Cheap Flights, Without Spending Hours Searching

Today, there’s endless websites and platforms to book flights on. From airline websites, to travel aggregators, it’s overwhelming and often challenging to find the best deals. At Behere, our team has been to over 100 countries and taken thousands of flights, so we know a thing or two about how to find cheap flights. That’s why we’ve compiled our top tips for booking flights without breaking the bank.

1. Do your research

When booking flights, always do your research on that cities airports and figure out the best option for you once on the ground. Sometimes booking a cheaper flight to a further airport will actually end up costing you more in time and money, than the flight to the more central airport.

2. Shop around, without getting overwhelmed

Google Flights – This is our teams favorite tried and tested flight search engine. Here you can enter your departure airport and see flights to anywhere, plus filter based on arrival or departure time, airline and more. They include budget airlines as well, something larger sites often omit.

Momondo – They search all major and budget airlines, plus English and non-English websites to find the best deals. They often do, but navigating the different languages, and currencies can be challenging so be mindful when using.

3. Ignore booking myths

You don’t need to book at 1am on a Tuesday or 68 days in advance to get the best deals. While booking in advance is helpful, 6 – 12 weeks out is generally a good time, anything more than that is most often not a better deal.

4. Loyalty isn’t always necessary

Sometimes flying with the same airline you always use will end up costing you a lot more. If you don’t have points or your company isn’t using that airline, then do a little research and opt for the airline that has the best deal. Just be wary of extras! Discount airlines are a great price, but come with the basics and all the extras can really add up if you’re not careful.

5. Get a new travel credit card

By getting a travel credit card, you can rack up points for flights, on your everyday purchases. Do a bit of research and choose a travel credit card with a hefty sign up bonus. Here’s an up to date list of travel credit cards on Forbes to get started. Then use those points for free flights or large discounts.

6. Sign up for newsletters

Airlines will announce sales and discounts to their email newsletters first. Signing up for them will let you be the first to know (and first to snag a seat) when these deals are launched and for how long. Our team also uses Scotts Free Flights and Secret Flying newsletters to stay up to date on deals, and error fares.

7. Be flexible with your dates

Sometimes, flexibility with your dates can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars! Try looking at the cost each day of the week for both your arrival and departure date to save some serious cash.

8. Always search ticket prices for 1 person

Even if you’re traveling with a friend, or group, always search for tickets for 1 guest. This will show you the best deals, as airlines always show the highest ticket price for all people.

9. Limit your search time

We can often get caught up in finding a deal and spend hours or days searching for the cheapest flight. If you’re not in a rush to book or travel this might not be such a problem, but if you’re a busy person like most of us, you’re wasting your valuable time. Find the best airports, head to your favorite search engine, choose flexible dates and book the best deal.

Using the tips above you can often save hundreds, if not thousands on flights. There’s many more tips for finding great deals, we’d love to hear yours in the comments!

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Meesen Brown

Meesen Brown