Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now



An app that makes it feel like you have your own personal travel agent. You can look up flights through airports you want to fly through and set them to be “watched.” Your saved trips will send you notifications when deals are available or prices start to rise. Hopper is a great way to get deals on trips you are planning in advance.


A flight deal app that compares hundreds of flights to find the cheapest, quickest or best one. You can also filter through nearby airports, preferred airlines and see the cheapest days to fly with a calendar comparison.


I have a Skymiles account with Delta, which is why I chose to feature this app. However, I suggest you download the app of whichever airline you are flying with. You can receive notifications on your flight, check on its status and the gate of your departure. I have found this especially handy when I have a quick layover and want to see where I need to get to next in the airport to make my connection.


For those of you who are US citizens and international travelers, this one’s for you! Mobile Passport was created by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to help you breeze through customs. By entering your passport information, answer the inspection questions and submit your form, it will allow you to skip to the designated Mobile Passport lane with your digital receipt. (You can also start the process for TSA PreCheck on the app, too – if you travel a lot, it’s definitely worth it!).




A great way to find restaurants near you. You can find a place by cuisine or distance. And, once you build up a history, it will make suggestions for you, too. After you’ve chosen a restaurant, you can also make a reservation on the spot right in the app.




Even if you haven’t stayed in one, I’m sure you have heard of Airbnb. If you’ve been living under a rock (no offence, but it’s been around for awhile), it is an alternative to a hotel where you can stay in a shared room, private room, or an entire place. It’s a great option for short or long-term stays. I personally like it because it allows you to have an entire place to yourself (that’s the option I always choose) and then you can do laundry or make meals when you’re visiting somewhere longer than a few days. A more recent addition to Airbnb (in certain locations) is the Experience feature. Hosts on Airbnb can now offer Experiences which could be anything from a boat tour of the San Francisco bay to a cooking class on how to make traditional paella in Spain. I think it is a great way to meet locals and get an actual feel for a place and the people that live there.




Created by REI Co-op, Hiking Project allows you to download an area and all of the known trails there. It will show you featured and popular hikes with tons of info about them, including their difficulty level, ascent, descent, highest point, lowest point, current conditions, an overview, driving directions, family notes, things you need to know, a description and highlights. Great for those that want to #optoutside.




It can be daunting to travel internationally and not know the language. For a quick translation, Google Translate is perfect! You can type in, use the microphone or even take a picture of a sign and it will translate it.




If Google Maps didn’t exist, I would be lost forever. It has saved me more than once on public transportation! It’s also great for finding places nearby. I’ve found great restaurants by searching the surrounding areas and checking the reviews.


The ultimate road trip app! It has all of the tourist spots but also the ‘off the beaten path’ locations. You can start your own trip or use one of their pre-made guides, from full trips to a city guide. Locations include attractions, hotels (which you can book from the app), gas stations, recreation spots, entertainment, sports, and so much more!

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Kirsten Drew

Kirsten Drew