Fear with travel?

My husband and I pounced on a great airfare sale to London a few months ago and I was beyond thrilled to once again feed my travel bug. It was a short trip, but there is nothing that excites me more than booking travel and knowing I am going to explore a new destination for the first time. What I often forget to anticipate is that as the trip approaches I start to get nervous. Could it be that it is becoming more challenging to leave our three kids behind? Yes. Could it be nerves over the unknown? Yep. Could it be that it doesn’t matter what it is, leaving or stretching our comfort zones is always a little uncomfortable? Absolutely! It’s all of those & more. And, it doesn’t just arrive with international travel. I remember the feeling right before our Utah road trip. It often shows up at night, when of course our minds are so irrational. And, the scenarios I think of are often comical, but they are scary nonetheless.

I recognize that there is real anxiety that comes with travel for many people. Whether it’s related to flying or fear of the unknown, it is real and it is hard to overcome. The U.S. Travel Association shares an interesting statistic. Only 30% of Americans have a passport! This is much lower than Canada’s 60% and the United Kingdom’s 75%. Of course to someone with wanderlust like me this seems absurd! This world is not only filled with awe-inspiring sights, but it is overflowing with natural wanders, incredible human beings and rich cultures. And, of course the scientific data to back up its endless health benefits. In my opinion, travel is the most expansive experience.

  1. As my travel experiences approach I must first recognize that I feel trepidation, say hello to it and then release it. I am energized by the thought of travel so I tend to re-focus my mind and my energy on what I am most excited about.
  2. So much of travel is out of our control, but having a blueprint definitely helps! Suddenly, I am never more present then when I am exploring.

    All of my fears start to dissipate. And, in its place I am filled with gratitude, perspective, sometimes new connections, definitely deeper connections. A broader mindset. Usually more wisdom. And, a full belly!

    I encourage you to not let nerves or travel anxiety hold you back from wandering this globe. It’s too immeasurable, too beautiful and too rich not to explore and experience.

Happy #wildbumming!


Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel