Wild Bum: Community Found.

We all know the significance of community. Feeling like we are a part of something bigger, knowing that we aren’t alone, it gives us a sense of belonging and connection that we’re wired for as human beings. Wild Bum aspires to build a real travel community (#wildbumming) in an age where we often don’t know what is real or fake! Certain social media channels as well as websites are a sea of inspiration, but who knows what is paid for or sponsored? We’re hungrier than ever for real community and connection.

Wild Bum isn’t just an online travel guide shop. It’s a lifestyle movement, a community of real travelers providing each other with the industry’s best curated travel guides.

What we love about Wild Bum is our mission to build an entire travel community. We want to connect travel research lovers with people who want to travel but don’t know where to begin. We want Wild Bum to be your trusted resource to come for not only travel inspiration, but the ability to feel a part of something more meaningful. To live with more adventure and, of course, overall better well-being. When you purchase a Guide you are literally sharing an experience that the Guide Architect fell in love with and wanted to share with you! You are also connecting with the Architect outside of Wild Bum on Instagram and if there is anything we learned from starting Wild Bum, it’s that real connections can happen from your screen! Many of our Guide Architects came from an Instagram connection across the globe. SO cool.

Travel in itself is about community. The experiences you have in a new city or culture are extremely eye-opening. They remind us how big the world truly is. That our community is really humanity! You meet people along the way — whether they work at a coffee shop or give you insider tips on their favorite local spot. Or, you just strike up a conversation because it feels right. This is community. This is the connection we are wired for. And, while you may not get their name or digits, you stitched another connection in to your being.


Happy #wildbumming!


Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel