Travel, it’s good for your health.

There are so many benefits of traveling. According to Travel Effect, a national advocacy and awareness campaign created by the US Travel Association, travel is good for your health, community and economy in the following ways:

  • One-third of all leisure travelers say they have more sex while on vacation
  • Students who have traveled abroad are nearly twice as likely as their home-bound peers to complete a college degree and report earning higher incomes, out-earning their peers by more than 40%.

  • Workers who take time off are more productive, have higher morale and are less likely to mentally “check out” on the job. They also report less stress and burnout.

  • Each US household would pay $1,000 more in taxes without the revenue generated by travel and tourism.

  • Travel is an economic powerhouse, supporting more than 14.4 million jobs in the US and contributing more than $124 billion in domestic tax revenues.

We don’t know about you, but we like these benefits of traveling. Where can we be found now? Booking our next trip!

Happy #wildbumming!




Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel